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Funds 101

In Funds 101, we explain at a very high level the workings of investment funds and the industry. Through a series of short videos, we will walk you through some of the fundamental constructs that underpin the industry.

The investment fund industry, though one of the fastest growing industries in Ireland, is not very high profile in mainstream media. It is rare that the activities of the sector fill the front pages of our newspapers or newsfeeds. However, with 17,000 direct employees, it is a significant employer in Ireland and it is a vital cog in the financial system.

Investment funds offer an efficient, reliable and flexible approach to savings. By way of example, your pension savings are likely to be invested through an investment fund vehicle. In just Ireland alone, there is over €3.5 trillion (May 2021) assets under management in Irish domiciled funds and while Ireland is a global centre for investment funds, the size of the global market is a multiple of this.

It is an industry that is going through a significant growth spurt, PWC ( in its report, “Asset and wealth management revolution: the power to shape the Future”, 2020) estimates that the global asset and wealth management industry will grow by 4.4% per annum to $139 trillion of assets under management by 2025.

If there are topics that you would like us to take a deeper look at, then please let us know (our contact details are in the ‘Contact Us’ section of the website). We will add to the series of videos each week, so please check back in with us to see what is new.