Funds Academy

Our Mission

The Academy was established in March 2021 to promote executive education and development within the investment fund industry.

Our very first project is to develop and deliver a Masters in Investment Fund Administration. Once that has been achieved then we intend to deliver joint conferences targeted towards individuals working in the Investment Fund sector and to provide other specialised programmes that promote executive development.

To help those deciding on their career, we will promote the investment fund administration sector as a career option for undergraduates. We aspire to impact the national discourse on investment fund education and to develop expertise in executive education and development in the investment fund sector.

Collaboration between academia and industry

Companies that are part of the investment fund administration sector have been involved in all aspects of the development of the programme, from high level programme learning outcomes to individual module content.

This ensures that the programme and its delivery meets the needs of those currently in the industry. The intention is not to replicate in-house training programmes but to add to those programmes and provide participants with the intellectual and skills platform required to enhance their career prospects.

The Academy

The Academy for Investment Fund Executive Education and Development (AIFEED) was established with the support of funding from the Human Capital Initiative: Pillar 3.

It is a joint initiative between academia (South East Technological University and Munster Technological University) and the regionally-based investment fund administration sector, with our two enterprise partners State Street International (Kilkenny) and BNY Mellon (Wexford) deeply involved from the inception of the programme.